Income Maximisation

We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to each Client’s needs. Clients value our rigorous review and change methodology which is designed to identify inefficiency, income “leak”, and opportunities to significantly improve our Client’s income.

We work with Clients to help them maximise their income, from income collection and arrears recovery, to efficient management of all rent and service charge setting and collection, based on a rigorous assessment of their current processes, practices, performance, application of resource and overall approach.

Applying thoughtful data analysis, challenging existing work processes and assessing how to get the best from IT systems, we quantify the opportunities and provide high quality fact based recommendations to give our Clients the insight and direction needed, so they can make more informed decisions. We follow this up by supporting and facilitating the creation of improvement action plans to ensure that the opportunities identified are realised fully by the organisation.

“Value Based Solutions have carried out a review of our debt recovery function and I have been impressed by the thoroughness of their approach, and the way in which their team have kept our staff on board during the process.
There are clearly strong benefits to the systematic approach that they use which will result in improved efficiency in this area of our operations and we will seek to extend this to other areas in future. This is going to be key to delivering the Value for Money agenda for Optima.”
John Lellow,
Director of Financial Services,
Optima Community Association