Our Approach

Challenge, Change and Achieve

All of the services that we deliver for our Clients are underpinned by our unique Value Based Management approach which we developed in the automotive and aerospace sector. Since 2001, we have continually honed and improved this approach for application in the Housing Sector.

We are committed to client satisfaction with a high level of interaction. We share our data and analysis with you, openly discussing problems and opportunities that arise. Regular review sessions are arranged to measure progress, to assess project goals, and to change direction as you or the situation requires.

Our rigorous methodology lends itself to an objective and informed analysis of your business. With an externally focused “lean” process, cost and data-oriented approach, our expertise at collecting and analysing the costs, processes and data provides high quality, fact-based answers. Our end objective is simple: Provide the right answer.

Clients value our ability to gather and analyse large volumes of information, identify and quantify levels of waste and develop the optimal business strategy and implementation plans supported by clear, actionable recommendations.

For senior directors and managers, the result is increased certainty around vital business decisions.

Positive results are achieved through:

  • Evidence and data, not opinion
  • Assessing processes and working practices
  • Value for Money assessment
    - Through our experience and access to benchmarking cost data, we can assist you in improving and demonstrating VFM to your customers.
  • World-class analytical capability,
    - Every proposed solution is informed by rigorous analysis of data and costs, and tailored to the dynamics of your organization.
  • Real world expertise
    - All assignments are delivered by Senior Directors with hands-on involvement every step of the way.
  • Strategic foresight
    - Our analysis and recommendations allow clients to visualize and explore the future commercial and financial implications of decisions.

Through our collaborative approach, we provide a level of skills and knowledge transfer to our Clients to enable ongoing achievement.

“We have been very impressed with Value Based Solutions approach. We found it very, very thorough and a great benefit because it made us look at processes in a much deeper way”. Having set up champions for the KPI’s they identified, it is a whole new way of looking at how we manage the business.”
Peter Daly,
Director of Housing Services,
“Johnnie” Johnson Housing