VFM Strategy and Implementation Action Plan

We combine extensive experience, comprehensive research and exhaustive analysis to create a full strategic VFM plan. The development of the VFM Strategy and action plans integrates management input, identifies roadblocks, and models scenarios to determine the optimal strategy and plan parameters.

This provides a VFM strategy that underpins your organisation’s strategic aims and objectives encapsulating your understanding of the current position; where you want to be and how you intend to get there. The strategy provides effectively the starting position for embedding VFM and prioritising where VFM reviews should be targeted.

The action plans provide a clear roadmap as to how the organisation can achieve realisation of its VFM Strategy.

Our VFM strategies are not designed just for organisations to comply and “tick boxes” but to have real substance and be underpinned by robust action plans.

"Wirral Partnership Homes are delighted to be working with Value Based Solutions. We have made a commitment to embed Value for Money in everything that the company does and VBS have been instrumental in helping us put together our Value for Money strategy and plan."
Patrick McCarthy, Deputy Chief Executive and Company Secretary, Wirral Partnership Homes