Financial Analysis, Projections and Modelling

The economic downturn has further increased the need for all organisations to complete frequent and rigorous analysis of their organisations financial position.

Clients value our ability to extract, gather and analyse large volumes of data, costs and information in order to identify and quantify business opportunities.

Value Based Solutions have genuine World-class analytical capability. Every solution we propose is informed by rigorous analysis of data and costs, and is tailored to the dynamics of your organisation.

Whether it be financially modelling the value drivers of a Client’s 30 year business plan or analysing millions of lines of day to day repairs data, you can be confident that we will provide high quality fact-based answers and recommend solutions and financial improvements based on real information not opinion.

“Most chief executives want to believe their organisations are running well, but few ever really take the time to conduct a proper analysis to see if the organisation is operating at optimum. It is this diagnostic that they can achieve”
Russell Atkinson,
(Former) Group Chief Executive,
Progress Housing Group