Performance Improvement

Value Based Solutions are one of the Market leaders in Performance Improvement within the housing sector. We provide a range of leading edge consultancy services to help organisations significantly improve their financial and service delivery performance.

Our success is clearly measured through an increase in the financial performance of our Clients. Since 1999, through our VFM Reviews, we have identified in excess of £2bn of cost and efficiency savings for our Clients across the Housing and Private sector.

Within the Housing Sector alone, we have helped Clients maximise their income collection, reduce void re-let times and achieve significant financial and service improvements across their repairs and maintenance operations.

Clients value our “lean value based” approach to Performance Improvement which originates from the automotive sector, has been finely tuned in the housing sector and delivers real tangible sustainable performance improvements.

Underpinning our approach and framework are four core principles that are fundamental to organisations delivering their optimum performance.

1. Find the highest value use for each asset and resource

2. Understand, measure and manage the “real” Value Drivers and KPIs that have the greatest impact on VFM and long term cash generation

3. Identify and eliminate Value destruction (waste)

4. Create a performance and ownership culture where all employees understand how they influence Value Drivers

We offer our services on a fixed and/or performance related basis. The performance basis demonstrates our commitment to stake our own rewards on the success of the Client’s transformation.

"As part of our ongoing development of programme management, we engaged with Value Based Solutions to support us in evaluating our performance resourcing processes. The findings of the review have highlighted some clear challenges to further strengthen our already innovative ways of working.“
Anthony Snow,
Chief Operating Officer,
Wales Audit Office

“I see this process as the missing link in our search for greater efficiency as we can only deliver improved services if we create the resources to do so. VBM has made a tremendous difference to our business.
Anne Seddon,
Group Finance Director,
Vicinity Group