Planned Maintenance and Investment Programmes

Whether your service is delivered in-house, contracted externally or a combination of both, we have the skills, experience, commercial acumen and track record to enable you to maximise Value for Money on your investment programmes. If your investment programme has just begun or is mid way through, we have the tools and methods to unlock efficiencies and savings.

Our work with Clients including Coast and Country Housing, Wirral Partnership Homes and The Gateshead Housing Company has yielded significant financial savings.

Clients value our approach and the benefits from our VFM/Cost Reduction Programmes which allow them to re-invest the realised financial savings into their organisation, whilst maintaining or improving quality and service delivery for their Customers.

Unlike many other approaches, our “lean” Value Based methodology originates from the automotive sector, has been finely tuned for application in the housing sector and incorporates leading edge “lean” and procurement techniques such as Value Engineering, Target Costing, Elimination of waste and Advanced Partnering/Supply Chain Tools.

We offer our services on a fixed and/or performance related basis. The performance basis demonstrates our commitment to stake our own rewards on the success of the Client’s transformation.

“Savings far exceed the fees!”
Peter Daly,
Director of Housing Services,
“Johnnie” Johnson Housing

“For the first time in 30 years, we have beaten our budget using the Value Based Management System”

“I see this process as the missing link in our search for greater efficiency as we can only deliver improved services if we create the resources to do so. VBM has made a tremendous difference to our business. The first year we used the system was the first time in 30 years that we have beaten our budget. We are hoping to do the same this year”
Anne Seddon,
Group Finance Director,
Vicinity Group