Performance Measurement

Most organisations manage their business as if every performance measure is equally important without a clear sense of what the "true" Key Performance Indicators are.

Many performance indicators used are unreliable, not explicitly linked to Value for Money, long term cash generation or prioritised against the real goals of the organisation.

We apply our distinctive Value Based Management approach to identify the most important and relevant financial and VFM KPIs for each organisation. This approach is not about measuring everything, but finding a series of indicators (usually around 6 to 8) that demonstrate a direct linkage to VFM (and cash generation) and monitoring them in order to deliver the common goal of generating increased VFM and financial performance

These KPIs are carefully identified during our VFM reviews, financially modelled to ensure that they qualify and then prioritised for each Client. We then work with the Client to ensure that these KPIs are closely monitored and managed through our Performance Management Framework. By concentrating effort on a manageable number of indicators, this will free management time to perform other aspects of their role more effectively.

These KPIs, together with other quality and service delivery KPIs, will form the basis for a Balanced Scorecard.

Our services include rigorous reviews of an organisation’s existing indicators together with the development of new reliable indicators.

"VBS have sourced the drivers for performance and value and we are now entering into the implementation stage. Having set up champions for the KPI’s they identified, it is a whole new way of looking at how we manage the business.”
“We are now trying to take on new techniques and we were impressed with the level of potential savings identified.
Peter Daly,
Director of Housing Services,
“Johnnie” Johnson Housing