Allocations and Estate Management

We have the skills and expertise to significantly improve your housing allocation process/performance. Our track record is one of enabling our Clients to make large reductions in their voids re-let performance. We can help redirect and focus internal resources to improve estate management and maintain communal areas more cost effectively, whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Our “lean value based” reviews enable us to conduct an objective and informed review of your existing operations that includes a detailed assessment of your policies, processes, practices, application of resource and use of IT systems.

Clients value our ability to gather and analyse large volumes of information, identify and quantify levels of waste (within inefficiency and re-let times) and develop implementation plans supported by clear, actionable recommendations. For senior directors and managers, the result is increased income from a more effective and efficient allocations operation.

“They have identified substantial service improvements on void re-let performance and procurement on day to day repairs and showed us new ways of cutting management costs and adding value.”
Peter Daly,
Director of Housing Services,
“Johnnie” Johnson Housing