Implementation of VFM Programmes

Following the completion of our VFM reviews, we have the experience and expertise to assist with the implementation of VFM action plans. We can provide a number of services including a critical friend role, providing teams to undertake specific VFM reviews, and Project Managing the full implementation of your VFM action plans.

Our implementation team have extensive experience and skills. Our methods are proven and deliver real savings for our Clients. Implementation plans are designed to realise savings at the earliest opportunity.

We offer our services on a fixed and/or performance related basis. The performance basis demonstrates our commitment to stake our own rewards on the success of the Client’s transformation.

“I have always had a healthy scepticism of management consultants, but what has been achieved is a revelation” “Their work has shown us what we are really spending our money on and where we can be saving it to become a more streamlined, cost-effective, customer focused organisation”
“Value Based Management has given us the tools not only to improve services, but also to generate the vital cash needed to fund them”
Dave Bebb, (Former) Chief Executive LHT