Data Analysis and Validation

Our approach throughout the services that we provide for our Clients is built upon a philosophy of evidence and data, not opinion.

Value Based Solutions have genuine World-class analytical capability. Every solution we propose is informed by rigorous analysis of data and costs, and is tailored to the dynamics of your organisation.

Clients value our ability to gather and analyse large volumes of data and information. We are experts at extracting, collecting and analysing the data necessary to provide high quality, fact-based answers. Our objective is to get the right answer. We recommend solutions and financial improvements based on real information not opinion.

We offer data analysis and validation services for all Clients whether it be as a stand-alone assignment or as part of our comprehensive portfolio of VFM reviews.

“We are now trying to take on new techniques and we were impressed with the level of potential savings identified. We had the data but didn’t have the expertise or skilled resources internally to interpret or use it properly. Also their approach was much more detailed and deeper than we could do internally.
Peter Daly,
Director of Housing Services,
“Johnnie” Johnson Housing