VFM in Corporate Support Services

The demand for service and to demonstrate VFM not only affects front-line staff, but has an impact across all Corporate Support Services. These Support Services must be able to demonstrate that they can add value to the organisation beyond its regulatory role. As a consequence, functions such as Finance, IT and Human Resources are undergoing substantial change and will have to re-engineer themselves.

Clients value our approach because it works not only in areas such as maintenance and income collection, but in areas that have been traditionally seen as “difficult” to review from a VFM or Service delivery perspective such as Finance and IT. This enables organisations to unlock efficiencies and service improvements across its entire organisation, rather than just the “front facing” teams.

We provide research, analysis, and quantitative modeling to help Clients understand the costs and benefits associated with outsourcing vs. in-house delivery. We then ensure that the Client yields both cost reductions and service delivery improvements from whichever delivery model is selected.

We have the skills and experience to facilitate the creation of a customer focused and VFM Support Services which delivers increased value to customers both internally and externally.

Whether the requirement is to increase efficiency, demonstrate VFM, reduce monthly accounts reporting down to four days or increase internal satisfaction levels, we have the capability and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals. We are currently embarking on the implementation of our new value based budgeting process, which will transform the way organisations set and manage their budgets.

We offer our services on a fixed and/or performance related basis. The performance basis demonstrates our commitment to stake our own rewards on the success of the Client’s transformation.

“Value Based Solutions is working very closely with Progress Housing Group to assist us in our continuous improvement programme, with a view to achieving a wide range of efficiency gains and cash savings. This builds upon some excellent work already performed for us over the last two years by their team”
Brian Tapp,
Former Group Director of Resources,
Progress Housing Group

“There are clearly strong benefits to the systematic approach that they use which will result in improved efficiency in this area of our operations and we will seek to extend this to other areas in future. This is going to be key to delivering the Value for Money agenda for Optima.”
John Lellow,
Director of Financial Services,
Optima Community Association