Lean VFM Service reviews

We provide a comprehensive range of VFM reviews tailored to each Client’s needs. Each review will identify waste, inefficiency and opportunities to significantly improve VFM for your customers and stakeholders.

Our success is clearly measured through an increase in the financial performance of our Clients. Since 1999, through our VFM Reviews, we have identified in excess of £2bn of cost and efficiency savings for our Clients across the Housing and Private sector.

Unlike many other approaches, our rigorous methodology originates from the automotive sector, has been finely tuned in the housing sector to incorporate “economy”, “efficiency” and “effectiveness” and lends itself to an objective and informed analysis of each service area of your organisation. With our externally focused “lean” process, service, cost and data-oriented approach, we are experts at collecting and analysing the costs, processes and data necessary to provide high quality, fact-based answers.

We recommend solutions and improvements based on real information not opinion and through stimulating challenge. Clients also value our ability to gather and analyse large volumes of information, identify and quantify levels of waste and develop clear, actionable recommendations. Each recommendation will form part of an integrated VFM Strategy and action plan.

We offer our services on a fixed and/or performance related basis. The performance basis demonstrates our commitment to stake our own rewards on the success of the Client’s transformation.

“Coast & Country have a long term relationship with Value Based Solutions who are working with us to undertake rigorous and systems-based service reviews across a range of service areas. The reviews so far have delivered real efficiencies and cost savings within these key service areas and have put us on a very firm foundation for the future.”
Iain Sim,
Chief Executive,
Coast & Country Housing